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How to make a needle felted cat?

How to make a needle felted cat?

How to make a cat with wool by piercing fluffy wool with a special needle? You can create your favorite cat designs such as white cats, black cats, and calico cats. This time, I will finish the cat I made into a brooch. Let's make it now!

About the wool felt cat brooch we make this time

Finished size

Approximately 6 cm in length x 7 cm in width x 2 cm in thickness

Time required

Approximately 60 minutes (There are individual differences)

Materials and tools needed for a wool felt cat brooch

  • Felt Wool or Acreine (R) White 5gLight Pink 1gDark Gray 1g
  • Cutting eyes (plastic eyes, cat's eyes, stuffed toys, etc.) 9mm 1 set (2 pieces)
  • Brooch Cloth felt for backing cloth 8 cm x 8 cm
  • Brooch metal fittings 1 piece about 3 cm to 5 cm
  • Felting needle
  • Felting mat
  • Bond (thing that can bond plastic)
  • Perforation (if not, a felting needle can be used instead)
  • Clear file (A4 size, any color is OK)
  • Scotch tape
  • Cutter or scissors
  • Chaco pencil (or pencil)

How to make a wool felt cat

How to make

Cut the clear file to make the ears and face.

The width is 2 cm, the face type is the length of the short side of the clear file, and the ear type is cut to about 10 cm in length. The color of the clear file can be any color.

Tape the cut clear file with cellophane tape. Fold the ear shape into four equal parts and overlap the two sides to form a triangle. The shape of the face is a circle with a diameter of about 4 cm.

Put wool felt and stab it.

Put 2g of wool in the face mold and stab it. If you stick it all the time, it will stick to the felting mat, so sometimes take it out of the mold and stick it from the back side as well. Stop where it doesn't get too stiff.

Make ears.

Separate the same amount of wool first so that the left and right sides are the same size.

You can add it later, so is it a little? I will stab it in the amount I think. Sometimes I turn it over and stab it from the back. Stop where it doesn't get too stiff.

Take a small amount of light pink wool and apply the pink color on the inside of the ear. The inside of the blue dotted line on the left side of the image is the part that turns pink.

Connect your face and ears.
Put your ears on the back of your face and stab them from the front.


Put the height in the center of the face. Stick the wool in the center of the face so that the nose is high.

Looking from the side where I stabbed my nose, it looks like this. (Right side of photo)

Stick the nose and mouth with light pink wool.
For the nose, lightly roll a small amount of wool with your fingertips and stab it into an inverted triangle.

Make the mouth thin and stab it.

Determine the position of your eyes.
Make a hole in the eye position with a perforation and pierce the area around the hole firmly to make a dent. At the same time, firmly stab the whole.
Make a hole firmly with a perforation again and insert the eye.

Add eyeliner.
Stick dark gray wool around your eyes. If you sharpen your eyes and make them look like lemons, you will look like a cat.

Make a brooch backing cloth.
Copy the shape of the face on the cloth felt with a chaco pencil (or pencil) and cut the inside of the line to make a backing cloth that is one size smaller than the cat's face.

Attach the metal fittings. Mark the metal fittings and make a notch at a position slightly above the center of the cut out backing cloth.

The mark is the tip of the blue arrow, and the notch is the red dotted line.

Insert the metal fittings into the notch.

Firmly attach the adhesive to the entire backing cloth and between the metal fittings and the backing cloth, and attach it to the cat.


Make a wool felt or change your eyes to make your favorite cat's face

Arrangement idea 1

You can also add a pattern to make a tea tabby or a mike. When coloring, stab a small amount of wool lightly.

Use a "fine needle" to stab the needle shallowly to clean it.

Arrangement idea 2

You can enjoy a different look by changing to black eyes. There are various types of eyes, so please look for the one you like.

Arrangement idea 3

There are more than 50 varieties of cats. To make your favorite child, it is important to first grasp the characteristics of the shape of the face. Does a long-haired child have long cheeks and the whole face looks like a square? Is the short-haired species a crisp inverted triangle? Let's observe it carefully. If you make a clear file mold, you can easily reproduce the shape of your face. Please feel free to try!